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Brittney Trimming (2019-2020)

When I was looking for summer jobs, I checked the Indeed Website and found the museum assistant position.

I needed a full-time job for me to be able to afford my rent when I went back for the school year. After visiting Vimy Ridge in 2017, I thought of maybe working at a museum close to my home. Also, I've always wanted to gain or create new skills that can help me in the future. I thought it would be a great work experience for me. I know that I wanted to practice my communication skills so I thought the Museum would be a great place to practice.

At the museum, I have learned computer skills such as Microsoft office. I also learned how to communicate with people of all ages through visitor tours, kids’ programs, school tours, and answering questions. The staff at the museum helped me to gain my confidence.

Without student funding, there would have been no museum assistant program or anywhere for me to work. Without funding programs, students would have a hard time affording their education as their tuition increases.

I still support heritage organizations by going to a couple museums in Red Deer. Over the reading weeks or breaks, I also got the chance to be able to volunteer at the Millet & District Museum.

One of my favourite memories is when we got Peyton to sit on a chair lift and to hold the curling rock. Kelsey and I did not want to sit on the chair as we thought it would be scary for us to hold the rock. Therefore, we asked Peyton to sit on the chair lift and hold the rock. We needed the curling rock for our Pioneer Women exhibit.

I am living in Leduc and hoping to go back to school in the winter of 2021 in Red Deer.

I am a part of a student leadership organization, meaning that I get to participate in meetings. The organization helps students to ensure their voices are being heard and we ensure their education is important.

I have completed my first-year courses at Red Deer College. I am hoping maybe to graduate in 2021. This year, I got the opportunity to be an interpreter for a script for our virtual exhibits. I bought a 2008 Ford Escape with my own money.

To any students who are looking for jobs, do not be afraid to apply or think it does not relate to your study. Always learn new skills and spend as much you can helping at the museum. Also, communicate with your staff as it will create friendship.