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Be A Part of Our Story

Danielle and Carly

Danielle Sather and Carly Barich, 2010.

Student Jobs

Post-secondary students can apply for summer positions as Museum Assistants. Positions are usually posted in the spring every year. We encourage applications from students from different programs - all you need is a passion for history, the ability to be flexible and creative, and the willingness to learn new skills that will continue to benefit you long after you leave.

MDHS Volunteers, 2010

MDHS Volunteers, 2010: Annette MacFarlane-Smith, Pat Thorkman, Margaret Mullin, Jean Scott, Evelyn Bolton, Jo Moonen, Tracey Leavitt, Alannah Leavitt, Ivan Leavitt, Wayne Meyers, Eleanor Pydde, Linda Meyers, Blaine Calkins, Dwain Swedberg, David Gursky, Peggy Gursky, Liz Thiering, Bill Kemp, Joyce Johnston, Linda Wheele, Joanne Rasmussen, Louise Reist, Shirley Shantz, Rudy Weber, Audrey DeWaal, Linda Weber, Garth Rudolph, Ellen Hartman, Ellen Kemp, Jo Anderson, Florence Day, Al Hegge, Bev Anderson, Bill Pydde, Mary Hegge.


If you're passionate about history and have a few hours to spare every week, there's a place for you on our volunteer team! The Millet & District Historical Society rely on community volunteers who are devoted to preserving and championing our local history. Volunteers take on a wide variety of roles, from running charity bingo events to scanning documents. We wouldn't be able to do it all without their valuable help and support.

As our museum reopens there will be more opportunities for volunteers to help out. We will continue to provide updates on our website and social media pages, so check often to see what opportunities we have! 

Keeping the Story Going

Our museum and our staff continue to rely on government funding, even as changes in the economy and the COVID-19 pandemic lead to increased cuts. The museum's mission to bring Millet and District's history to life can only be fulfilled if the provincial and federal governments keep providing opportunities for students. Writing to your local MLA and MP and encouraging them to promote funding for heritage organizations such as ours will help us keep our story going strong.

Be A Part of Our Story