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Maggie Peterson (2017-2020)

     I started as a Museum Assistant. A friend of mine who lives outside of Millet saw the signs and called me. I was going into my 3rd year of my Bachelor of Arts majoring in History. At that time, minimum wage was $11 and the Museum was offering $14. It was a good paying job in my field.

     My public speaking skills and my confidence have increased massively since working at the Museum. I’ve learned the types of things that happen in Museums and the skills to do them. I’ve also had the opportunity to develop my management and leadership skills. Writing newspaper articles, grants, exhibits, advertisements, and social media posts have helped me to diversify my writing skills. One time, we had to wheel the car rally ramp on dollies to the community hall from the museum, because it wouldn’t fit in anyone’s truck. I have many pleasant memories of working with the volunteers ... and having the snacks they brought! I also have a lot of fond memories of kids’ programs and familiarization tours.

     I’ve now graduated with my BA. After working two summers as a Museum Assistant, I was offered an internship following my graduation. I have a few months left in Millet, then I’ll be looking for another job in the museum sector, possibly returning to university for a Masters in Museum Studies. When COVID isn’t happening, I volunteer quite a bit. I teach Sunday School, lead a kids’ program once a week, and sort and distribute food twice a week.

     It can be difficult to find good paying summer jobs, especially within your field. My two summers as a Museum Assistant went a long way towards paying for my last two years of university. Having an internship when I graduated meant I got a job right away after graduation and was able to make sizable strides towards paying off my student loans. 

     My advice? Enjoy your time as a student but also learn what you can.