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Breanne Knull (2012)

     My name is Breanne Knull and I worked at the Millet Museum for the summer of 2012. I grew up on a dairy farm just outside of Millet. I attended school in Millet until grade nine and then continued on and completed high school in Wetaskiwin. After high school I attended university in Camrose at the U of A, Augustana campus.  

     I heard about a job opening at the Millet Museum in the summer of 2012 because my cousin, Kayla Leschert was also working there. It was a great summer working with my cousin and learning a whole new set of skills, such as research and public speaking.

     Working at the Millet Museum was very important as it helped me to pay for my next year of education at Augustana. Here, I was able to play volleyball and soccer while finishing a degree in Physical Education. Following this degree, I completed an elementary degree at Concordia University in Edmonton. 

     I am currently teaching grade one in Cold Lake, Ab. Prior to COVID-19 I was coaching volleyball at our elementary school and playing volleyball frequently. I am lucky to have the career that I do, as I can continue teaching others about various cultures and heritages, which was first inspired by my time at the Millet Heritage Museum.