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Heather McMullen (2014-2015)

    In the spring of 2014 I came across an advertisement listed on Indeed for a Visitor Information Center/Museum Assistant role located in Millet. I was familiar with Millet’s location but truthfully hadn’t spent much time in the town. When I arrived for the interview I was surprised at the amount of charm and beauty such a small town could hold and how much history was stored inside the museum. After speaking with Tracey I felt that I would be a good fit for the role and was excited for what the summer had in store. 

    I was employed at the museum for the summers of 2014 and 2015. Throughout my summers I learned skills that I have found to be valuable in my daily life at work today. For instance, the importance of maintaining and storing documents is something that was imperative at the museum. In my position now I am required to properly file and track information to ensure legal compliance. I presented both summers at the Pioneer Women exhibit. Creating presentation slides and writing the speaking notes were a great starting point for allowing me to be comfortable with speaking in front of an audience, which is something I am required to do often at work. Additionally, professional phone etiquette and use of Microsoft programs are also skills that were fostered at the museum and I carry into my present daily life. 

    The student funding that made my employment possible assisted me in being able to gain meaningful employment during the summer as well as allowed me to finish school with no student debt. My boyfriend at the time (now husband) and I also participated in the SCIP program and we worked with Millet’s Communities in Bloom Team. That program also allowed us to earn extra money while being able to contribute to a very important and meaningful cause. Government funding is essential for summer students and for non-for profit organizations such as the museum. Maintaining Alberta’s heritage is largely dependent on having resources such as summer students who can be dedicated to preserving this history. 

    I have many fond memories while working at the museum but some of my favorites were when the electronic dinosaurs from Drumheller showed up at the museum, when there was a dunk tank, or when a mouse snuck into the door of the museum and Kaitlyn Hill and I chased it out with a broom. Kaitlyn and myself have remained friends since our time working together in 2015 at the museum. 

    I attended MacEwan University and graduated in 2018 with a Bachelor of Commerce Degree with a major in Human Resources. I currently work as a Human Resources Advisor for an Industrial Construction company based out of Edmonton. In 2018 I married my husband Gerard, who I was dating when I worked at the museum and who completed the SCIP program with me. We purchased our home in 2018 in Leduc and have since added a Golden Retriever puppy named Gus to our family. 

    My advice for students working at the museum would be to make the most of the experience. Talk to as many people you can and put effort into understanding Millet’s history. The sense of community within Millet is amazing and working at the museum allows you to really be immersed in that. You may meet some lifelong friends and if you put the effort in you will definitely learn skills that will make you more employable once you enter into the workforce post graduation.