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Nicole Leavitt (2014)

My name is Nicole Leavitt; I reside in the County of Wetaskiwin. I worked for the Millet Museum and Archives Centre in 2014 as a Heritage Plant intern with Victoria Zook. I worked alongside the wonderful Communities in Bloom volunteers, planting and maintaining heritage flower beds throughout the Town of Millet. Through this experience I learned new gardening techniques and how to identify plants. I also worked on perennial and tree inventories that are held by the Millet Museum and Archives. By working with the Millet Museum I found a new love and appreciation for plants and the volunteers that maintain them. Because of this experience I now volunteer with Communities in Bloom. Since working at the Millet Museum I have been a volunteer club volleyball coach from 2015/16; we even won our division at the U16 Nationals.  I then got involved coaching for the Wetaskiwin Orcas Lifesaving Club from 2016 to date, with the club winning provincials each year. If I could give any advice to future students, it would be to take the opportunity to listen and learn from the stories of the dedicated volunteers and our remarkable pioneer women. It will give you a new appreciation for what community means.