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Janis (Adam) Lawerence (1986-1987)

     I'm not sure how I heard about the position.  It might have been word of mouth or a billboard advertisement.There weren't a lot of local jobs at that time, so anything within biking distance was great.  (We lived west of Millet and I honestly rode my bike uphill both ways).

     I learned so many skills, including but not limited to: teamwork, artifact cataloguing and restoration, setting up displays, and being a tourist ambassador.  

     My time at the museum was character-shaping.  Nicola Murphy and I were entrusted by some very respected elders of the community to bring their dream to life. The Millet and District Historical Society was an amazing group of super seniors that I would never have had the chance to spend time with otherwise. Nicola and I worked diligently because the museum mattered so much to them and I felt very privileged to put in the hours cataloguing and restoring because I was doing something for them.

     I used the money I earned for college. Today, I have 2 journeyman certificates and a family.

     My advice to summer students? Wash your hands!