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Sharlene (Hartman) Ironside (2002, 2010)

     My mom found the job posting in the Pipestone Flyer, and she thought that it would be a great summer job. Though I had not really thought much about a summer job, as I was still in school, I thought that it would be a great experience and decided to apply. I enjoy history and loved the idea of giving tours. 

     The museum allowed me to work on presenting and communicating with people of various backgrounds. I also learned a lot about archives, displays, artifact storage, and computer software, and was able to work on my writing skills. With the full-time summer job, I was able to take out minimal student loans and stay within my budget each school year. This opportunity made a huge impact on my future as I was able to use the skills I learned and the excellent reference to get my first few full-time jobs. This in turn has allowed me to have the career that I have today.

     I currently live in Edmonton, Alberta with my husband of 5 years. From the University of Alberta, I have obtained two Bachelor of Science Degrees and a Master’s Degree specializing in Geology. I have been working with a non-for-profit biology company out of the University of Alberta for over six years. In my spare time, I am working on a fourth degree from SAIT in Geographical Information Systems.

     I currently volunteer at the Millet Museum; I mainly do digital and map work for them. I created a map and plant signs for the Pipestone Creek area, work bingos and casinos, and I maintain the Millet tourist map. I always loved working with museum volunteers. I actually have remained close to one in particular, who I still see on a somewhat regular basis. 

     My advice to students working over the summer is to learn all that you can. Skills are what get you hired and finding work can be difficult; a well-rounded person is more likely to get the job.