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Tara Sadoroszney (1991, 2001)

     My mom found an ad for the job for the Millet Museum and told me that I should apply.  I had worked at the Mirror Museum for two summers (which according to their policy was the most I could do). I was a bit reluctant to try for the job, but thought I would go to the interview. I remember my car breaking down on the way from Camrose; my mom came and got me and took me to the museum, where I went in, late, and told them I’d had car trouble and that I understood I had missed my interview.  They took me on a tour of the museum and interviewed me anyway.  It was a little scary – there were six or seven interviewers and then me on the other side of the table. Apparently I charmed my way into their minds, as I was offered the job!

     Working at the Millet Museum is probably to this day still my favourite job I have ever had.  Every day was completely different.  Even if I thought I knew what I would be doing, things could change on a dime.  The first summer I worked there I scrubbed a lot (A LOT) of rust, as there had been a flood and the tool shed needed some attention.  Imagine spending 14 hours scrubbing rust from an old hunting trap!

     The ability to shift from task to task has been important in every area of my life since the museum.  This was a great gift, and there were so many other things that I learned that I have taken with me as well. 

     I am currently working at a trucking company in Edmonton.  I spent 10 years serving four different churches in western Canada, and have had a few different jobs here and there.

     I have great respect for what the museum community does, and the important work they do in serving their communities as well.