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Florence (Lantz) Day

Florence Day
Florence was born on June 11, 1935 in Millet and has remained in the region all her life. She grew up in the Clover Lawn area, east of Millet. Her parents were Charlie and Ethel Lantz, who were farmers. Florence’s father passed away when she was 9 years old. Ethel Lantz continued to farm; she rented out the fields to neighbors and carried on milking the cows, raising chickens, and growing big gardens. Ethel’s efforts allowed her to be able to support Florence and Florence's younger brother Oliver.
After finishing elementary school at Clover Lawn, Florence went to live with the Goin family. There were no school buses in the area, so Florence drove the Goin children to Millet School with a horse and buggy. Florence was able to take her high school classes at Millet School.
In 1949, Florence met her future husband Derek, a neighbor of the Goin family. The two married in 1953, on Florence’s 18th birthday. Over the years the couple welcomed 6 children: Cecelia, Lesley, Denise, Jan, Derek, and Sandy. They raised their children on their dairy farm.
Over the years, Derek, with the help of others, hired a bus to shuttle kids to Pigeon Lake for two weeks every summer for the Red Cross Water Safety program. This program was vital in teaching children how to swim and wouldn’t have been possible without Florence and Derek's involvement. Florence and Derek also held various meetings in their home. The organizations who met at the Day household included the Farmer’s Union, rural telephone organizing groups, and a co-op formed to get natural gas to rural homes.
Florence has been very involved with her community and has volunteered for various organizations. She was a part of the Women’s Institute, which held teas and craft competitions with other women’s groups in the area. Florence was always eager to volunteer and take part in these events. The Women’s Institute also took part in keeping the library open during certain times of the week. Florence spent many days acting as a librarian. Another organization that Florence volunteered for was the Girl’s Club, also known as the Millet Mermaidens. Florence's tasks included shuttling the girls to an annual event in Olds, where they competed in public speaking competitions. She also taught girls how to sew, knit, braid, and other crafts. The group always put a float in the Millet Parade. Florence also participated in the various events held by the United Church Women, including beef-on-a-bun dinners and charity fashion shows. For over 15 years, Florence has also assisted with the Agricultural Society's yearly bench show. She helps to organize the displays and set up the tables; she even stays for the evenings to help the judges.
On top of these volunteering commitments, Florence is a part of the Millet Arts and Crafts Guild. Although weaving is Florence’s main interest, she also does scrap quilting. She has woven many of the popular baby blankets that have always been great sellers for the Guild. True to Florence’s nature, she also uses her talent to create hats and outfits for premature babies, which are donated to the hospital. The women also regularly work a booth at the farmers' market in order to support the market and to raise money for their club. Florence regularly participates by contributing baking and working the booth.
Over the years, Florence and her husband enjoyed many camping trips both abroad and around the Western provinces. Since the passing of her husband 23 years ago, Florence continues to camp and travel with family and friends. The Millet Seniors consider Florence a great asset to their organization. Florence takes part in the group's various activities, including a monthly crib game and a potluck.
Florence’s children comment on their mother’s excellent cooking and gardening abilities as well as her talent for handicrafts. Florence has used her expertise in these areas to become a contributing member of the Millet community. She has been an instrumental part of many clubs and still continues to be to this day. Today, Florence has 11 grandchildren and 11 great grand-children and attends their school concerts and sporting events, often showing up with baking in hand. Florence says that she is pleased to do anything she can to help out her community.