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Marjorie Moen

Marjorie Moen

Marjorie was the only child of John and May West. She was born in January 1902 at Battle River, Alberta. The small family moved to Millet in March 1903. John and May built a frame building for a store with living quarters upstairs. There was one rule in John’s store: a bag of candy was to be included in each box of groceries. Marjorie grew up in Millet and received her education in Millet School up to grade nine. Grades ten and eleven were taken at Victoria High School in Edmonton.

Marjorie first taught at Hemdial School, northeast of Millet, in July 1918. Unfortunately, Spanish flu swept through the area in the fall of 1918 and all the schools were closed. Marjorie decided to attend Camrose Normal School in the spring of 1919. Marjorie met Clarence Moen in 1919; they were married on April 5, 1926 in a “home wedding” by Rev. J.B. Howard with both of their families present. After normal school Marjorie taught at Hay Lakes, Golden Glow, Chipman, Millet, and East Edmonton. Clarence and Marjorie raised a family of seven children: Joyce, Lois, Jack, Carol, Lawrence, Sandra, and Dianne. 

Marjorie and Clarence settled on a farm just outside of Millet, but a year later they moved into Millet to work for her father in the store, where they worked for 14 years. In 1941, they started their own store in the old V.C. Rowley building. Clarence joined the Air Force in 1941, but due to health conditions he was honorably discharged in January 1943. At this time, locker plants, buildings with rentable lockers for storing food, were the newest method of food preservation. Marjorie and Clarence started theirs in 1945. This was a demanding business and they worked long hours. However, times began to change; people started buying freezers for their home and didn’t need storage lockers anymore. At the time, Marjorie and Clarence were making plans for retirement. Unfortunately, Clarence passed away from a brain hemorrhage on August 24, 1964. Marjorie kept the store open until they sold everything off, finally selling the building to the Legion.

Growing up as an only child, Marjorie appreciated the company of people as she grew up and wanted to be involved. She was a member of the United church in Millet and would teach Sunday School. In the 1930s, Herbert Sharff formed a group that put on a play called “Safety First”. Marjorie was the production manager of the group. The play was taken to several towns and communities, and was a hit. Marjorie and Clarence also enjoyed the company of their friends and would get together for card parties.

Marjorie enjoyed her retirement and made sure to spend time with her family. She did some travelling, including a trip to Europe and a cruise to Japan, Australia, and New Zealand. Marjorie passed away in 1984 at the age of 82.