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The Millet and District Museum’s Pioneer Women exhibit began in 2011. Every year since then, we’ve inducted more women into our roster of Women of Aspenland. This year, however, we’re bringing the stories and lives of our 50 Pioneer women all together in one place.

Oftentimes, the domestic lives of women are passed over in the history books, despite the fact that they are a fundamental part of community life and an intrinsic part of many of these womens’ experiences. Yet the traditional picture of pioneer women does not fully capture the diversity and complexity of the experiences these women faced. No two lives, no two stories, and no two legacies are the same. 

Millet would not be the strong, vibrant community it is today without the dedication, perseverance, and love shown by these women. Their legacy can be felt in Millet’s churches, volunteer organizations, local businesses, and even this very museum.

Join us in uncovering and celebrating the lives of these extraordinary pioneer women.